"We had a number of companies visit us with David being the first. I wish I hadn't wasted my time with the others, two were double glazing salesmen in disguise and one was not local enough and consequently a little rushed. We chose David and he was a pleasure to work with. Honest and knowledgeable, he gave us good advice, unlike the others. When there was a manufacturers technical problem with the inverter David contacted them and a new one was rushed to us within 24hrs which David installed immediately. He really cares about the service he gives. Thanks David and your team".

Andrew G, Essex

54 Cell, 250w panels were used to make the most of the available  space.


  • The government will pay you for ALL of the energy that your system generates REGARDLESS of whether you use none, some or all of it

  • The government will ALSO pay you for exporting up to 50% of the energy that your system generates.
  • If you were to move house in the future you can continue to be paid for the energy produced and exported from your previous home, REGARDLESS of where you have moved to.

                                                                                                                          OUR PROMISES TO YOU

  • No 'hard' sell - just 'hard' facts about the system that would make the most saving and earn the most income for you (we do not employ sales staff).

  • All of our systems are fully accredited, endorsed and insured by all governmental requirements and statutes.

  • All of our systems are guaranteed and covered under the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (www.recc.org.uk)

  • We will produce, explain and complete all necessary paperwork and documentation required and you can begin to enjoy the benefits of your system immediately.

  • We are dedicated to reducing your energy bills by custom designing and building an installation that is right for you, not right for us.

  • Feed In Tariff (FIT), Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), Energy Proficiency Certificate (EPC), Kilowatt Peak (Kwp), PhotoVoltaic (PV) - all of these terms and more will be fully explained to you. We believe that there is no such thing as a silly or irrelevant question.


We are ex British Military Electrical and Electronic engineers who believe in Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism and Customer service at all times.

Because we believe in delivering a first class service we strived to become members of the above organisations and achieve their high standards. 

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